Real Neat Blog Award

Hello to all my beautiful followers! I was tagged by Trending with Trina to do this super cool post. Please please please click on that link and show Trina some love! 💖

Below are the rules for the award:

  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the questions asked.
  • Nominate seven more bloggers for the award
  • Create seven questions for your nominees.

#1 Where are you from?

I’m kinda all over the place. I was born in McPherson, KS but spent most of my childhood (that I can remember) in Claremore, OK, and recently moved to KC, MO!

#2 How long have you been blogging?

About 2 months!

#3 What are some of your favorite activities?

love relaxing with my friends and family, playing silly board games, shopping (duh), and reading!

#4 What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

There isn’t much that I can remember before the age of 10, but when I was in kindergarten my school took a trip to the zoo. Because I have two left feet, I slipped and fell into the pond with fish and geese!! The geese started chasing me and as I was climbing up the rocks I cut my foot. When I finally got out I looked up to see everyone staring at my soaking wet self. I will probably never forget this day.

#5 Where all have you traveled?

Sadly, I haven’t been too much of anywhere. I’ve traveled to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Mexico!

#6 What is your biggest goal in life?

I want to graduate college, become a teacher, and start a family with my fiancé. I have never been too much of a wanderer. Although I’m 99% family oriented, I would like to travel to a few places!

#7 What is your inspiration for blogging?

Just about anything in my daily life! I want my blog to be something that people can easily relate to and enjoy reading!

Below are my nominees!








My questions for all of you!

#1 What is your favorite weekend activity?

#2 Why did you start your blog?

#3 What are your all-time favorite book?

#4 Where do you want to travel?

#5 What is your favorite snack?

#6 Do you have any siblings?

#7 If you could steal one thing without getting caught, what would it be?

I hope you all enjoyed this post! And a big thanks to trendingwithtrina!

💙 Alanah



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