April Goals

Good morning beauties! I know we’re already almost a week into April but I wanted to do a monthly goals post! I find it hard for me to actually do something unless I tell people about it… so here we are!

Goal #1 Follow Through with a Workout Plan

I’m constantly telling myself to go to the gym or to stretch in the morning, but it never happens. I want go reach my goal weight before my wedding so I need some hardcore motivation & I’m hoping you guys can help! If you want, comment & remind me to get my sh*t together!

Goal #2 Finish Two Books

I’m currently reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series & I love them. Sometimes I go on reading rampages, but this month doesn’t seem to be leading in that direction. I’m hoping to finish books 15 & 16 by the end of this month!

Goal #3 Blog at Least Four Times a Week

Lately I have been really enjoying writing these posts for you all, so I want to get on somewhat of a schedule! I bought myself a blog book & am going to try to write in it everyday!

Goal #4 Start Major Wedding Plans

As you all know, I’m not getting married until July of next year. This doesn’t mean I can slack off because I need to get the best of everything on the cruise boat! Check out that post here.

I hope you all enjoy this little post for today! If you have any goals you would like to share, comment below! I would love to read them.

💕 Alanah


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