My Bucket List

Happy Monday! After a very relaxing weekend (that I didn’t want to end) I thought I’d keep the mood light and share something upbeat! ☺️

#1 Visit France

I know this is cliché, but who doesn’t want to visit France!? I would love to experience how they live on a day to day basis.

#2 Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football Game

I was born and raised a Dallas fan. This past year they were amazing and it made me really want to go see a game and experience the awesomeness up close and personal.

#3 Complete a 15K with No Troubles

I have ran a 15k once before, and when I say ran I really mean walked most of it and almost passed out! I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle and this is one of my major goals I’d like to eventually accomplish.

#4 Have a Family

This may sound silly to some, but I am 100% a family person. I want to settle down with my husband and have beautiful babies running around some day. 💕

#5 Learn How to Bake Extravagant Desserts

If dessert didn’t exist neither would I. I’d love how to learn to make desserts from scratch and how to decorate them too!

Thanks for reading!

💙 Alanah


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