What’s On My iPhone

Good afternoon lovelies! Last week I was (finally) eligible for a phone upgrade! My family goes through Verizon which means we have to wait 2 years for a new phone unless we want to pay full price, and who wants to do that?!

I picked out this lovely Rose Gold iPhone 7+ with 128 GB. I love the size of the screen and the camera quality is top notch!

Let’s get started with what you guys came here for… what’s on my iPhone?!

Bar at the Bottom

I don’t actually know what this little space is, but to me it’s the little bar at the bottom. Here I have everyday used apps. I have all of my music compacted in one because I HATE clutter! I use almost all of these music apps everyday.


Main Screen

On my main screen I have normal apps (most that come pre downloaded on the iPhone). My most used on this screen are Photos, Camera, Notes, Weather, Maps, Mail, and FaceTime! My “Extras” folder is random apps that I almost never use.

Second Page

This is page is all of my social apps. This is by far my most used page (getting on all of these apps daily). My favorite social media sites are Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

I keep my Instagram along with my photo editing apps in a “Photo & Video” folder, my Facebook and Messenger apps in a “Facebook” folder, Walmart, Cartwheel, and Ibotta in a “Savings” folder, and Amazon, eBay, and Wish in a “Shipping” folder!

Thanks for reading! If you want me to go into more detail comment below

💖 Alanah


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