May Goals

Happy Sunday ladies! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but with school coming to an end I’ve been majorly stressed! Once again this post is a little late into May, but it works!

#1 Find a Summer Job

For the past few months I’ve been looking into jobs and have changed my mind several times, but hopefully within the next two weeks I’ll be somewhere I like!

#2 Read, read, read

Sadly, my April reading goals were not met, but I’m willing to try again! Not only do I want to read my Stephanie Plum Novels, I want to also start reading in my Bible again.

#3 Have Fun!

School has stressed me out to my max. Even though I want to be working I want to really enjoy my summer. With the money I’ll be making hopefully I can shop till I drop!! 😉

That’s all I have for this month!

💕 Alanah



2 Replies to “May Goals”

  1. I feel you about the summer job! Mine is super unorganized, like if you sign up for a shift you get a shift. They go fast so it’s awful!

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