Hello beauties! I hope you all are feeling as great as I am during these summer months. I feel awful for saying I’d be back in the saddle of things, but my life is a big ball of crazy now-a-days! I’m moving (again?!) but I’ll save that for a later post.

Tattoos have been a very controversial topic over the last few decades. They started long ago in ancient Egypt, but growing up I always thought it was only the weirdos and people in the military who got them. Boy, was I wrong. My mom and dad are huge fans of tattoos and taught me that they are used for a sign of expressing yourself in a different way. I loved that and soon became a tattoo lover. I now have 3 tattoos and am planning to get many more.

More recently tattoos have become more socially acceptable (my doctor has full sleeves!) and I think that it’s FANTASTIC! What are your feelings toward tattoos?

💖 Alanah


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