As a young girl I never imaged getting engaged at 18 or be moving in with my fiancé at 19… but I wouldn’t change it for anything! This Sunday I am moving back to Oklahoma to live with my fiancé and attend college there. 

Moving out at a young age is hard. You don’t have a steady job and you’re trying to get through school, but still pay your bills. Along with this comes the sadness with moving away from your family.

I have lived in 10+ houses throughout my life. To me, home isn’t a house it’s who’s in it. I am going to be four hours away from my home and it’s hard, but I am extremely grateful to have their support as well as Braden’s family in Oklahoma.  

All-in-all I’m sad, but ready to open this new chapter in my life!! 

What are your moving out stories? 

💕 Alanah 


10 Replies to “THURSDAY THOUGHTS// Moving Out”

  1. My moving out story was: getting married at 23, leaving Sicily and moving to the UK to live with my English husband. It happened way faster than the slow Sicilian rhythm of life, so I feel for my poor parents. I guess it might be hard for yours too.

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