What You ACTUALLY Need for College

Happy Monday! After over two weeks, I finally have wifi again! I have missed my blog world more than I thought I would and I am so happy to be back. As most of you know, I have finished my freshman year of college. With stores filling up with school supplies again, I thought I’d share what I think you actually need for dorm living!


#1 A shower caddy and all of your most used soaps!

#2 Extra lights! I brought Christmas lights and they were well worth it. Whether you’re trying to relax or not bother you roommate while they are trying to sleep, these come in handy.

#3 A rug. This may seem silly to some, but having a nice big rug made the room feel more like home and less like a jail cell.

#4 Extra blankets! If you are anything like me, you like having a blanket on whether you’re typing at your desk or watching youtube videos on your bed. They’re a lot easier to put away than constantly remaking your bed.

#5 A planner! Thanks to Trina I am hooked. Actively putting my homework and appointments in my planner keeps me in check!

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7 Replies to “What You ACTUALLY Need for College”

      1. Oh to be back at uni having summer holidays, how I envy you!! Congratulations little lady!! Enjoy your much needed time off before you dive back in!! Hope your enjoying it xxx


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