Fun Summer Activities to do Indoors

Although I love spending time outside during the warm summer months, sometimes you just need a day or two to spend inside. Here are some of the things I enjoy doing when it is just too hot outside!

Play a board game

Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Phase 10 are a few of my favorites!


Not only are you passing the time, but you are going to have a nice snack for later. 😉

Do a home workout

When in the mood, working out is great especially in the comfort of your own air conditioning.

Indoor camping trip

Make a living room fort with sheets around the house!

Take a nap

To some this may not be a “fun” activity… but to me it is!

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite indoor activities!

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4 Replies to “Fun Summer Activities to do Indoors”

  1. I’ve been working out at home (yoga) and it’s so fun and relaxing every morning. How funny that baking is in here because it’s so hot that the last thing you’d think of doing is baking (because the house starts feeling much warmer). But I oddly want to bake so much this summer! 🙂 Great suggestions! Love playing board games too!

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